Restaurant Management


A restaurant is an eating place that serves a variety of delicious food. It also offers a facility in which you can have takeaways or get the food delivered to your home if you do not wish to sit and eat in the restaurant premises. In either scenario, the customer would be placing an order and making a payment. Similarly, there would be several customers who would be placing their orders and waiting for them to be fulfilled. The key is to manage these orders well without getting mixed up in serving the orders, calculating bills, and taking payments. For a demonstration of how our POS (point of sale) for restaurant works and how it can benefit you, do get in touch with us as per the various contact methods provided.

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Problem Statement

There are several POS (Point of Sale) software systems available for restaurants, however, effective inventory management and waste management are some of the highly desirable features that need to be addressed. A restaurant or an eatery will generate plenty of wet (organic) waste. Considering government norms for waste management and disposal, this must be accounted for in the Point of Sale system.

Our Solution
and Approach

We examined some of the existing solutions and looked at their shortcomings with inputs from the various restaurateurs. We looked at speciality eateries and multi cuisine restaurants as well. We realized that waste management, integration with other vendors and ease of use were amongst the top issues faced by them. These pain points were addressed in our solution. Apart from addressing the challenges faced, our restaurant POS solution helped boost productivity and profits by around 30-40%.

Today, one desirable and most wanted aspect of any system as a service  (SAAS) is to be liked and accepted is the feasibility and ease of use. This was our prime focus in addressing the real problems faced by the end users. We added a host of other features in our system software, some of them are as listed below with a short description.

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Use Case

Restaurants cater to different types of people with different taste palates. Hence, they prefer to specialize in their cuisines as per their preferred target market. Thus, the number of multi cuisine restaurants are decreasing with increasing number of specialty foods restaurants and eateries. To address these, our system is designed for flexibility and customizability. Our solution can be adapted to any type of restaurant or eatery with minimal effort, without compromising on any of the features as mentioned above. To explore how our solution can help address your problem statement, get in touch with us today via our contact info.

Easy to use

Our system software is one such example of software as a service which is easy to use for different types of users, including the initial installation and setup

Inventory and waste management

This restaurant management software is designed to address these two prominent features in line with government regulations.

Easy to adapt

Any staff member of the restaurant can easily learn the system without the hassles of extensive training programs.


Your data is secure and is accessible only by you. Moreover, your business revenues and inventory are securely controlled and monitored by you.

Automated setup

Using this, you can configure preferential timings for customers to give them discounts and special offers.

Seamless integrations

Our restaurant POS system is flexible and can be easily integrated with any 3rd party api’s, 3rd party Delivery partners like swiggy , zomato and payment gateway solutions like Razorpay , Paytm etc..