Does running your restaurant chain seem like a daunting task?

Not anymore…

With Restaurant POS from Quickworkz you can now streamline your business and see your sales volumes zooming… Our Restaurant POS software makes restaurant sales and inventory management a breeze. Restaurant POS is a complete software with a proven record for helping companies increase sales, reduce waste, and increase productivity and profits by 30-40 %. Be it speed in taking orders or integrating third parties such as vendors and other providers, the Restaurant POS from Quickworkz is everything you would need for your restaurant to grow. You will find this software a life saver and you will not need a genius to manage the software or take care of it. Offering the perfect mix of features and simplicity this POS software will be a boon to any restaurateur. We nevertheless provide hand holding and assist you with the setting up of your POS and work with you until you are satisfied that you are ready to go!

Main Features

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Easy to use

simple system which is simple to login and easy to set-up too!


With simple methods to keep track of inventory as well as waste the POS system makes it easy for everyone to be accountable


System once set up will allow automatic discounts on preferential timing to customers making it easy for everyone in your company to work with it..

Easy to learn

staff do not require extensive training.


You can have complete control over the entire system and several outlets from the comfort of your seat while watching over your profit margins and stock counts.

Affords Versatility

You may now print and take multiple copies of sales slips & kot slips as well as price quotes or retain these on your computer..


Screens displays your content in an eye-catching way and enables customizable internal distribution.


Screens displays your content in an eye-catching way and enables customizable internal distribution.

Perfect look screens

ForIT features flexible layouts and themes to customize your content’s unique look. Credibly innovate granular internal or organic sources whereas high standard.

We offer Customized pricing as well..


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Restaurant POS From Quickworkz Is Everything You Would Need For Your Restaurant To Grow