Florist ERP


A florist is a person who is in the business of flowers and decorative floral products such as garlands, wreaths, bouquets, floral arches, to name a few. In a way, a florist is a manufacturer of floral products. Thus, he needs to source fresh flowers from various farmers or vendors at cost-effective rates. He then needs to put them together in various shapes and sizes as per the product or layout with other raw materials such as balloons, threads, etc. He needs to do this to produce the quantity of the products needed. Finally, the finished products need to be delivered to the recipient on completion of the payment. This is a specialized manufacturing process that a florist follows.

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Problem Statement

Listed below are some of the major challenges that a florist had faced for his business setup. The root cause of these challenges was that he was a creative artist who specialized in floral décor.

  •  Vendor management.
  •  Raw material supply management.
  • Order management and re-order levels.
  •  Vendor payments.
  •  Client order management and fulfillment.
  •  Expenses recording and management.
  •  Revenue recording and recognition.
  •  Difficulty in coordination amongst various teams.
  •  Effective waste management.

To summarize, he lacked an “operating system” for his business that would be a single software platform or software solution that would help him streamline his processes and departments.

Our Solution
and Approach

We studied his setup and suggested our ERP solution that would be tailored to his business. We customized the software platform as per his business setup and within days of implementation, we observed some of the below improvements in his business setup.

  • Improved vendor management.
  •  Better inventory level monitoring.
  •  Enhanced expenses and revenue tracking.
  • Synchronized coordination amongst teams and departments.
  •  Increased customer satisfaction and retention.
  •  Better waste segregation and management.
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vendor management.


inventory level monitoring.​


expenses and revenue tracking.


amongst teams and departments.


customer satisfaction and retention.


waste segregation and management.​

Use Case

The florist was able to fulfill more orders leading to increased revenues and profitability using our software. His expenses reduced considerably as there was better control over the flow of raw materials and efficient waste management in place. Our customized ERP solution helped him to scale his business and gave him the freedom to focus on other aspects to enhance his product and service offerings. Our software as a service (SAAS) facilitated the introduction of additional lines of business for his setup in the form of value-added service offerings. If you feel that you have similar challenges with your business, do get in touch with us and we will be glad to suggest and implement a solution for you.

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