Manufacturer ERP


Manufacturers or manufacturing companies represent a supply chain with a complex inventory that needs to be tracked and managed efficiently. Manufacturing represents sourcing raw materials, which are either simple or compound, moulding it into a different product and sending it into the market for consumption via their distribution channels. Over the years, there have been several approaches for accomplishing this complex set of activities involved in supply chain and inventory management. There must be continuous synchronization and coordination with the various departments involved in this entire manufacturing process. With the evolution of technology, there have been several solutions that have been developed to address different parts of this process or the entire manufacturing cycle. Implementation of each depends on the focus area of each manufacturer. 

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Instant Results

Our solution is built to ease the flow and coordination of manufacturing processes. For a demonstration of how you can utilize our software as a service, please get in touch with us.

Problem Statement

There are several challenges faced by manufacturers in the entire supply chain, manufacturing process, and inventory management. This becomes heightened with a distributed setup including multiple manufacturing units administered by a central registered office. Some of the primary challenges are listed below:

  • Vendor management
  • Raw material maintenance
  • Production tracking and monitoring
  • Finished products movement
  • Distribution of products
  • Distribution network management
  • Inventory management and maintenance
  • Employee maintenance
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Our Solution
and Approach

Considering various issues faced by various departments in the manufacturing process and supply chain, we designed our ERP software system from the ground up to form a “technological operating system” for the manufacturing industry. We designed a skeleton system that can be easily tailored to a specific manufacturer. Our ERP system is designed to manage a distributed manufacturing setup with single or multiple manufacturing units. 


this is to manage customers, employees, suppliers, raw materialsand other items or goods.


this is a purchase management module to track the stock inflow and the payments released.


this manages every aspect beginning from design, raw materials, items, quality control, and rejected items stating reasons for rejection.


this is an important aspect of this software system for any manufacturer to know about the orders, payments, and jobs in progress.


this is the backbone of any business setup; manufacturing is no exception. This manages all the expenses, salaries, and revenues.


an important aspect of employee management is money in the form of salaries and advances which is accounted for in the ERP.